05 Nov

145.490 Repeater Relocating to Dartmouth

2013-11-05_22013-11-05Proceeding the recent painting and rehabilitation of the Fairhaven water tank on Boston Hill Road, SCMARG was unable to reach an acceptable agreement with the town’s Board of Public Works (BPW) that would allow us to provide the same level of service we had previously.  After much discussion between the SCMARG trustees, we have decided to pull the equipment out and to reinstall it at our other site located on Wilbur Avenue in Dartmouth.  This Dartmouth communications tower will offer at least comparable (if not somewhat better) coverage than our former Fairhaven location, based on the projected plots between the two locations.

SCMARG’s 927.6500 repeater that was located at the Dartmouth site has been removed from service and replaced with the 145.490 repeater.  The equipment swap was completed this past weekend and we are now awaiting the 2-meter antenna to be relocated from Fairhaven to Dartmouth.  Once that is completed, the 145.490 repeater will be on the air from its new location in Dartmouth.  We will keep everyone posted on the progress via SCMARG.org, as well as our Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition period.  We look forward to restoring the 145.490 repeater to service.

73, SCMARG Trustees