23 Feb

Amateur Radio Enters A New Era

2007-02-23A new Amateur Radio Service regime now is in place.  The requirement to demonstrate Morse code proficiency to gain HF privileges officially disappeared from the FCC’s Part 97 rules today at 12:01 AM Eastern Time.  At the same time, some 200,000 Technician licensees without Morse code exam credit acquired HF privileges equivalent to those available to Novice licensees.  The League is marking the occasion with a W1AW special event aimed at welcoming newcomers to the HF bands.

09 Feb

Hosstraders Discontinued

2007-02-09It is with deep regret that we report the end of a fond New England tradition.  Each May and October, hams from all over New England, New York and nearby Canada would gather for a fun filled weekend tailgate party.  This hamfest/fleamarket was called Hosstraders (a play on words for the way New Englanders pronounce “horse traders”).

The event featured raffles, concessions, ham radio dealers and several fun filled eyeball QSOs.  Norman B. Blake, W1ITT along with Joseph M. Demaso, K1RQG and Robert V. Tiffany, W1GWU had done a fine job with the event since 1973.  It was last held in Hopkinton, NH at the Hopkinton Fairgrounds, with previous homes in Seabrook, Deerfield, Kingston and Rochester over the years.

  • Read the official announcement now on the Hosstraders web site.
05 Feb

William M. Miller, Jr., K1IBR – SK

2007-02-05The South Coast lost a friend in amateur radio on February 5, 2007.  William M. Miller, Jr., K1IBR passed away just before 2:00am after a brief illness.  Without a doubt, no one can deny that Bill did a lot for the amateur radio community.  He touched many people’s lives with his vast knowledge and dedication.  He was a longtime member of the Southeastern Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association, Inc. (SEMARA) where he served as Technical Committee Chairman for several years.  Bill was always willing to help others with technical projects without asking for anything in return.  He will be missed.

  • To read more, please follow this link to the K1IBR Tribute on the SEMARA web site.
02 Feb

March SCMARG Dinner Meet

2007-02-02SCMARG schedules informal monthly gatherings called Dinner Meets.  These meets are at a different restaurant each month as determined by the members present at the prior meet.  Our next SCMARG dinner meet will be held on Friday, March 2nd, 2007, 7:15pm at Riccardi’s Italian Restaurant, 901 Hathaway Road, New Bedford, MA.  No formal agenda is planned.  Both members and guests are welcome to attend.  We hope to see you there!