10 Sep

Rest In Peace 443.800

2007-09-10For the past several months, the ARRL has been working closely with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to mitigate interference caused by amateur repeaters to the PAVE PAWS radar system at Otis AFB on Cape Cod.  Dan Henderson, N1ND of the ARRL sent notifications to several 440 MHz repeater owners (including SCMARG) on Wednesday, September 5th informing each owner how much signal reduction needed to be seen in order to eliminate the interference.

For SCMARG’s 443.800 Dartmouth Repeater, it meant running the repeater with less than one watt.  Due to this finding, SCMARG has made the a decision not to return the repeater to the air.  Richard J. Cabral, W1RJC, primary trustee of the former repeater, will be selling the system.