26 Aug

145.490 Fairhaven Repeater Back On-Air!

2013-08-26Hello to all..

The 145.490 Repeater is back on the air!! The repeater is running 20 watts at this time. We are going to expedite getting the amplifier for the repeater. Rick-W1RJC and Rob-KD1CY will coordinate this. We will try and get it ordered early this week. This will allow for the 20 watts from the repeater to become 160 watts.

Frank-WQ1O was able to get in with his base station running 5 watts from Marstons Mills-Barnstable, MA with some white noise, but totally readable. When he gets up to 25 watts, he’s totally readable. Rick-W1RJC was able to get into the repeater with a HT running 2.5 watts through a rubber duck antenna from his home in Dartmouth, provided he was standing up around the house.

That’s about all for now. Please use the repeater and see how it goes, understanding we’re are not running at optimum power. Signal reports and observations on the repeater are welcome.


73, SCMARG Trustees