01 Jun

440 MHz Threatened By PAVE PAWS

2007-06-01PAVE PAWS is a United States’ Air Force Space Command radar system operated by three 21st Space Wing squadrons for missile warning and space surveillance.  Operational PAVE PAWS radars are located at the Cape Cod Air Force Station, Massachusetts, Beale Air Force Base, California and Clear Air Force Station, Alaska.

Since early 2006, the USAF has claimed that amateur radio repeaters operating within a certain distance of Otis AFB and Beale AFB are causing unacceptable interference to the PAVE PAWS radar system.  Since the radar is classified, little to no details have been released on how to remedy the problem thus far. This leaves the future status of 440 MHz in our area in question.

Pictured:  One of the phased array antennas that makes up PAVE PAWS radar.