07 Mar

NEAR-Fest: The Next Hosstraders?

2007-03-07New England hams feeling the void of the now defunct Hosstraders may have some hope after all.  According to a post by Michael Crestohl, W1RC on The AM Forum site, things look very promising for two new events in the tradition of Hosstraders.  These events will tentatively be on May 4th and 5th as well as October 12th and 13th (both on Friday and Saturday).

Where will this new event be held?  Mike comments that “Right now I am not at liberty to reveal the venue […] It will offer all the amenities we have become used to having and more.”  How about a name for this event?  Mike adds “I have decided [to] tentatively call the event the New England Amateur Radio Festival, which produces a nice acronym; NEAR-Fest.”

  • Read Mike’s full post now on the AM Fone web site.